UTHealth Cryo-EM Core

About Our Core

The mission of Electron Cryo-Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Core Facility at UTHealth is to provide researchers access to the state-of-the-art cryo-EM resources and expertise. Our Cryo-EM Core has high-end cryo-EM instrumentation and expertise for near-atomic resolution single particle analysis of molecular structures (SPA cryo-EM) and for cellular structure determination by electron cryo-tomograpthy (cryo-ET). Our Cryo-EM core can advise and assist at all stages of the Cryo-EM/ET pipeline. Groups that anticipate high-usage of the Cryo-EM core resources may consider having a user trained on the screening electron cryo-microscope, which could save on costs for core staff time.

Cryo-EM Core Policies

Policies can be found here

Getting Started

To start a new project at the UTHealth a no-cost consultation with Dr. Serysheva and/or Cryo-EM Core Personnel is necessary. To request a new project consultation, register in iLabs, go to the "Request Services" tab and fill out a "New Project Proposal & Consultation Request" form with some details about your specimen. We will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting. If you are an experienced Cryo-EM user you will still need to fill out the project information form to start a new project at the Core but the meeting requirement can be waived. 

Leadership and Staff

Irina Serysheva, Ph.D. | Director

Mariah Baker, Ph.D.Cryo-EM Specialist

Guizhen Fan, Ph.D.Cryo-EM Specialist

Venkata Mallampalli | Technical Manager

Sylvia Magallan | Director, Management  Operations

Martha Belmares Financial Officer Manager

Location and hours of operation

 Hours   Location

Open to Trained Users: 24/7
Staffed Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  6431 Fannin
  MSB G.602
  Houston, TX, 77030

Links and Resources

  1. Electron Cryo-Microscopy Core Facility Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Irina Serysheva, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
MSB 6.210
Sylvia Magallan
Director, Management Operations
MSB 6.201
Martha Belmales
Financial Officer
MSB 6.200D