UTHealth Cryo-EM Core

About Our Core

The mission of Electron Cryo-Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Core Facility at UTHealth is to provide researchers access to the state-of-the-art cryo-EM resources and expertise. Our Cryo-EM Core has high-end cryo-EM instrumentation and expertise for near-atomic resolution single particle analysis of molecular structures (SPA cryo-EM) and for cellular structure determination by electron cryo-tomograpthy (cryo-ET). Our Cryo-EM core can advise and assist at all stages of the Cryo-EM/ET pipeline. Groups that anticipate high-usage of the Cryo-EM core resources may consider having a user trained on the screening electron cryo-microscope, which could save on costs for core staff time.

Cryo-EM Core Policies

Policies can be found here

Acknowledging Cryo-EM Core

Any use of the resources at UTHealth Cryo-EM Core Facility requires acknowledgement of the resources in publications and presentations. 

Any work taking place on the Glacios has to acknowledge NIH S10ODO32204 grant. 

Cancer-related work taking place on the Titan Krios at subsidized rates has to acknowledge CPRIT Core Facility Grant RP190602.

Example: Cryo-EM work (or Some of this cryo-EM work) was performed at the Cryo-EM Core Facility supported by the UTHealth Structural Biology Imaging Center at Houston and by grant from the NIH Office of the Director (1S10OD032204).  Titan Krios G3 subsidized by CPRIT Core Facility Award RP190602 was used for cryo-EM data acquisition in this work.

Getting Started

To start a new project at the UTHealth a no-cost consultation with Dr. Serysheva and/or Cryo-EM Core Personnel is necessary. To request a new project consultation, register in iLabs, go to the "Request Services" tab and fill out a "New Project Proposal & Consultation Request" form with some details about your specimen. We will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting. If you are an experienced Cryo-EM user you will still need to fill out the project information form to start a new project at the Core but the meeting requirement can be waived. 

Leadership and Staff

Irina Serysheva, Ph.D. | Director of Cryo-EM Core Facility

Guizhen Fan, Ph.D.Cryo-EM Specialist

Mariah Baker, Ph.D. | Cryo-EM Specialist

Venkata Mallampalli, M.S. | Technical Manager

Mehdi Zarei | Research Assistance

Sylvia Magallan | Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department DMO

Martha Belmares | Billing and Financial Inquiries

Location and hours of operation

 Hours   Location

Open to Trained Users: 24/7
Staffed Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  6431 Fannin
  MSB G.602
  Houston, TX, 77030

Links and Resources

  1. Electron Cryo-Microscopy Core Facility Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Irina Serysheva, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
MSB 6.210
Venkata Mallampalli, M.S.
Facility Manager
MSB 6.612