UTHealth Flow Cytometry Service Center

Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry Service Center has two flow cytometers and one cell sorter available to the public. The BD FACSAria II cell sorter and BD FACSCalibur analyzer are located in our main facility at the IMM (SRB 617) whereas the BD LSRFortessa is located at the McGovern Medical School (MSB 5.308). We also have an additional workstation available for post-acquisition data analysis.

These specialized multicolor cell analysis instruments allow researchers to evaluate a large number of samples in a short time frame. The current instrumentation allows simultaneous acquisition of up to 19 fluorescent signals from thousands of individual cells per second. The Flow Cytometry Service Center offers FACS acquisition and analysis, cell sorting, and consultation for experimental design, interpretation and troubleshooting.


Services provided: 

  • Assisted and unassisted data acquisition
  • Assisted and unassisted cell sorting
  • Sorting for single cell deposition (eg. 96 well plate) 
  • Post acquisition data analysis (FlowJo, Diva, Kaluza) 
  • Experimental design assistance including panel design, controls, etc. 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training to become an unassisted users

Please visit our website https://med.uth.edu/imm/service-centers/flow-cytometry-services/ for more detailed information


All investigators are encouraged to meet with the service center staff to discuss the panel design, appropriate controls, technical limitations of the experiment etc. prior to scheduling instrument time.

The FCSC offers training for both new and experienced investigators. Depending on the level of prior knowledge and the intended frequency of equipment use, the training plan is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

24/7 for trained individuals     

IMM - Sarofim Research Building

Room 617 (6th floor)

1825 Pressler Street

Houston, TX 77030 

Training Policies

Calibur and Fortessa:

These analyzer instruments are mostly reserved for unassisted use. If you require training, please contact the Facility Manager to schedule a training date well before your desired experiment time.


ALL sorts/analysis are required to be assisted if you have not been previously trained by a core staff member.  If you expect to use the Aria II often (and have prior experience with flow experiments), please inquire about training.



Name Role Phone Email Location
Ville Meretoja, Ph.D.
Facility Manager/Research Scientist
SRB 617
Amy Hazen, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Minh Vo
Financial Analyst
SRB 205