Proteomics Service Center


Overview of Services

The Brown Foundation Institute for Molecular Medicine (IMM) is the hub of a new alliance connecting research efforts across the university in systems biology, clinical and translational sciences, protein chemistry, genomics, and proteomics. This new multidisciplinary science will link the efforts of various centers, bringing together people to promote intellectual exchange and the transfer of expertise in these key fields and beyond.


The Centers for Proteomics and Systems Biology will create a critical mass of investigators with diverse expertise but a common interest that will benefit the entire research community by providing  technological, informatics and educational resources.


Hongyu Wang, M.D., Ph.D. | Core Director

Li Li, M.S. |  Sr. Mass Spectrometrist, Core Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday      

8:30am - 5pm 

1825 Pressler Street, SRB 409

Houston, TX 77030


Links and Resources

  1. Proteomics Core Laboratory of the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
  2. Clinical and Traslational Service Center


Name Role Phone Email Location
Li Li
Sr. Mass Spectrometrist, Core Manager
Hongyu Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Core Director
SRB 330E
Scott Riley
Core Business Manager/Financial Support


Members at UT Proteomics

University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biomolecular Resource Facility

William Russell, Ph.D (409) 772-3579
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Susan Weintraub, Ph.D. (210) 567-4043
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Proteomics and Metabolomics

<p>The mission of the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility is to provide the research community with cutting edge expertise and services for sensitive, precise, and accurate measurement of proteins and metabolites using mass spectrometrybased technologies.p</p>

David Hawke, Ph.D 713-834-6096

University of Texas at Austin

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Proteomics Service Center

The CTPC services provided are designed to identify and quantitate proteins and their modifications in a broad range of research specimens from simple purified protein samples to biomarker discovery and verification in complex mixtures such as cell and tissue extracts, plasma andor other biofluids

Li Li 713-500-2456